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Terms of Use

This page states the terms under which you may use the Myanmar Jobs website ( www.myanmarjob.net / www.jobvacancy.com.mm ) which is an online service where you can post and search for jobs and online resumes. By using Myanmar Jobs website you agree to the terms and conditions cited below. If you do not accept any of the terms then do not use the website and its services.  The Terms and Conditions may be updated from time to time by us without prior notice to you. You should review these Terms and Conditions for changes periodically.

Users who are found violating the below terms and conditions may have their access and use of Myanmar Jobs website revoked at our discretion.

1. Eligibility

You must be of working age to visit or use the website in any manner. By using the website you represent and warrant to the company that you are of working age and that you have the authority and capacity to use the website and abide by its terms and conditions. 

2. Registration Information

When you register with Myanmar Jobs, you will be required to share certain information that will help us provide you with the services you need. The company will not disclose confidential information with any third parties except to the extent necessary to comply with the laws of the government and in any legal proceedings where the information is demanded. 

3. Use of the website

Myanmar Jobs is a public site with free access and it does not assume any liability for the authenticity of the responses. The website can monitor the responses a person receives in response to the information that the individual has displayed on the site. It is the responsibility of individuals to conduct a background search to confirm the nature of the response.

The website will not be held liable for inaccuracy of information. It is the responsibility of the users to research any information on the website. 

Users should not post, distribute or upload information that may be considered harmful, abusing, threatening or objectionable. 

Information stated in your resume or data being made available for a job should be correct and complete in all respects. You should not falsify, distort or manipulate any information or mislead others in any way through the information provided. Myanmar Jobs does not hold any liability arising out of such resumes or data fed into the network of the website.

All users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their password and user identification. All activities arising from a particular user id will be the responsibility of the user and Myanmar jobs will not be responsible for such activities.

Payments for the services offered by Myanmar Jobs will be on a 100% advance basis. Any refunds will be under the sole discretion of Myanmar Jobs. 

Users should not do any of the following:

• Post more than one copy of your resume under different user ids

• Solicit user id or passwords or any other confidential information from other users

• Send unsolicited mails or make unsolicited calls regarding promotions or advertising products to any users

• Delete or revise information provided by another user

• Use any of the services provided by the website for unlawful purposes.


Additional Terms for Employers

1. All employers are responsible for maintaining the authenticity of the account and ensuring confidentiality of the account information. You should notify Myanmar Jobs immediately if you notice any unauthorized access of your account.

2. When your account is cancelled or terminated, all details of the account are completely deleted and it may be deleted from our database as well. 

3. In order to protect the users from spam and commercial advertising, Myanmar Jobs restricts the number of e-mails which an employer can send to the users.

4. The accuracy of the job postings is the sole responsibility of the employer. You should not put any misleading information or use any material or links that is considered objectionable. The job postings should not be used to advertise or publicise any information. 

5. Your use of the Myanmar Jobs resume database should be in accordance with the privacy and data protection laws. You agree not to disclose any information from the data provided to you to other third parties. 

6. As an employer you should take appropriate steps to protect the data that is made available to you through the website. 

7. Myanmar Jobs reserves the right to delete any job posting which does not comply with the terms of services. Myanmar Jobs will terminate your use of the services if you do not comply with the terms.

Additional Terms for Jobseekers

The profile you submit to Myanmar jobs should be accurate. You are solely responsible for the information provided on your profile and any violation of the terms of use will lead to termination of your account. If your account is cancelled or terminated then you will lose all data that is saved on the account.


Copyright or Intellectual Property Rights of Others

Myanmar Jobs respects the intellectual property of others and we encourage our users and account holders to do the same. Unauthorized reproduction and distribution of copyrighted works will lead to the termination of your account and your access to the website may be blocked. If you believe that the copyright infringement has been wrongly filed against you then you can contact us on the given contact number. 



Myanmar Jobs cannot confirm the authenticity of each user because authentication over the internet is difficult. You assume all risks associated with the interactions with other users. We do not make any representation of the quality or nature of the products that you may purchase from third parties through Myanmar Jobs. 

If you believe that a user is violating the terms of service then please notify us



You access the website at your own risk and you are responsible for being compliant to the terms of use and the privacy policy of the website. The terms of use will be updated on this page and no other changes of the terms of use elsewhere should be considered by the users. Your use of the website confirms your acceptance of the terms of use mentioned on this page.



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