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Employee Engagement - Are You Doing It Right?

Engaged employees are the best resources of a company as an engaged employee remain fully involved in their job along with showing the dedication towards the job. They try to give their 100% to bring success in the job which in turn helps the business organization to move forward. The engaged employees are really concerned about the company’s well being and they are always ready to devote the discretionary efforts to see the company’s success. While the disengaged employees are not really loyal towards the company the engaged employees feel a profound connection with the organization. So, as a manager or as a CEO of a company, the main job is to ensure that you are following the correct ways to establish a good employee engagement in your organization. Some of the important ways of employee engagement is explained here.

Communicate the clear vision 

All the employees should have a clear understanding of what is the actual vision and goal of the organization. If the organization goal is not clear to them, they will not be directed in the right path. So, ensure that organization’s objectives and way to achieve the goal is clearly communicated to them to make them more engaged.

Build good connection with the employees

No doubt employees are the most important asset of the organizations. But when this feeling is conveyed to the employees they feel much more valuable and try to give their 100% to see the success of organization. So, as a manger or boss of the company, your duty is to develop a good relation with each individual and make them feel more special.

Provide career advancement opportunity

The employees should be provided with challenging jobs which is also helpful in career advancement. Although there are a lot of job vacancies in Myanmar, most of the employees show interest in doing something new, so do planning for the job rotation process and engage the employees even more. 


Providing the employees with regular feedback along with congratulating for their great performance is another useful way of employee engagement. When the employees are appreciated and congratulated for their job, it naturally increases their satisfaction level and makes them more connected with the company.

Encourage them to share their views

The employees should be encouraged to share their views about how a job can be accomplished in more effective ways. If they are given chance to take part in the decision making process, it naturally engage them more with their job and the organization. 

So, try to follow the above ways for employee engagement and it will lead to huge success of your organization soon. 


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Motivated Employees Are Good For Your Business

Workforce or employees are the main key to success of any business. Finding the great talent sometimes becomes too hard but when you find the right resource, it is important to retain them in the organization for longer periods to do excel in the business. Motivating employees is the best way that can solve all the issues. For example, it increases the productivity of the employees, enhances their satisfaction level, reduces employee turnover and helps in employee retention. And all these factors altogether help the organizations in achieving their goal faster. So, motivated employees are really important if you want to grow your business effectively. 

Developing a motivational strategy is vital in every business organization, but before that try to understand what actually motivates your employees. All are individual so it is obvious that the same thing is not going to work for all. That is different employees can be motivated by different things. Some of the best motivational strategies are discussed here.

Employ incentives program

Incentive program is most probably the best way to motivate employees. But this does not mean that the incentive always have to be monetary rather any kind of recognition and reward can motivate the employees. The aim is to appreciate them or make them feel that they did excel in the job. So, incentives can be either bonus, or announce their name as the ‘employee of the month’ or highlight that employee’s name in the internal intranet. 

Provide feedback

Providing feedback by the end of each month is really important as all want to get appreciated for the job they have done successfully. In case they are not appreciated for their good work, the situation might be unfavorable. So, make sure that the feedback is provided in every month as this process motivates the employees who worked well while others get a chance to improve their performance. 

Congratulate them personally

Sometimes the employees expect a direct feedback from their managers. So, manage some time from the busy schedule and thank the employees for their great job. It is really important to acknowledge their good performance as this motivates the employees to a great level which in turn increases their productivity. 

So, try to motivate the employees by all possible ways to make them more productive and productive staffs will always help you grow in the business effectively by giving their best. 


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Importance Of Continuous Training And Development Of Employees 

We live in an ever-changing world where the technology is being improved every day and in order to survive successfully, continuous growth of the knowledge is very important. So, regardless of the industry this is vital for all the business to cope up with this change to compete and stand in the corporate area. Though most of the companies conduct the induction training for the new hires, but many of them overlook the need and importance of continuous training and development of the employees. According to them this is an extra investment which also waste the work time of the employees and thus delay in the completion of projects. But the underlying benefits of the continuous training and development are really big that most of the managers fail to understand.

Here are the main importance of continuous training and development of employees.

It addresses the weak points of the employees:

The continuous training and development program help the employees to address and develop the skills in which they are lacking. Also they are refrained from making the same mistakes repeatedly over time. If the right issue is resolved at the right time, this will have no effect on the overall company productivity. So, the companies can actually be benefit in long term by the continuous training and development process.

The employee satisfaction is increased: 

When the employees are provided with access to the continuous training and development session, they become more loyal towards the company as it clearly indicates that how valuable the employees are to the organization. It also improves the employee satisfaction and they feel cherished, challenged which in turn reduces the employee turnover and minimized job vacancies in Myanmar. And all these things altogether boost up the company productivity.  

Enhance the employee performance:

When the employees get a chance to improve their skills and knowledge by the continuous training and development process, naturally it increases their confidence level which in turn helps them to perform in far better way than before. Also it improves their imagination skills and the employees can excel in the job by employing innovative ideas. The good performance of the employees leads to higher productivity of the organization. 

So, if a company wants to hold a good position in the industry, continuous training and development is must to conduct to strengthen the skills and knowledge of the employees continuously as they are the main key to success of a business.  


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