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Reasons Why Your Appearance Matters In An Interview

The appearance plays a critical role in job hunting and this is very true irrespective of any job field. So whether you are searching a job in the IT industry or marketing field or media or mass communication, the physical appearance of the candidates has to do a lot with the selection process. Interview is all about marketing yourself to the potential employers and clothing is the first thing that every hiring manager sees while you enter at the interview room. So, this is important to ensure that the dressing is able to create a good impression of yours. But this does not mean that just dressing is everything to get hired in a well reputed company but it really matters a lot to create the first positive impression to the employers. 

Appearance creates the overall impression  

The hiring manager will hardly have any idea about your talent when you first enter the interview room. But he forms the first impression by seeing the way you enter the room, the way you dress, your facial expression, hair style and way of talking. If all these factors are able to create a positive impression of yours, he will have positive attitude towards you which will also have impact in the evaluation process. Also the hiring manager will listen to you very carefully and it then becomes much easier to crack the interview. But if your appearance is not really able to impress the hiring manager, it becomes tough to overcome this situation in the interview. 

Appearance shows the professionalism

Professionalism is another thing that all the employers try looking out in their employees. And the appearance has lot to do with this professionalism. The attire indicates a sense of professionalism of the candidates. If you are overdressed or underdressed in an interview, it creates an image like you are not really serious about the job. Many times it has been seen that a candidate who is technically very sound could not bag the job only because of his unprofessional image.  

So, the appearance is really important when it comes to attending any interview. In case you are desperately looking for a job, try avoiding all those features that might have a negative impact. For example, visible tattoos, piercing in different parts of the body, funky hair, extra jewelry, etc. can reduce the chance of getting selected in a company. So, try to maintain the appearance as professional as possible while attending interviews if the aim is to crack the interviews successfully. 

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Why google is the best employer? - Video

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Best employee - video

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Why Is The Orientation Process So Important ?

Why Is The Orientation Process So Important ?

Every company spends huge time and money to hire the right resources for the right job. But just hiring is not enough but in order to make that hiring process successful, the companies need to ensure that the new hired resources get a positive start. And this is where the importance of orientation process is felt.  Orientation process is all about introducing the new hire with the organization and providing them a detail overview of the organization’s working process. Orientation process plays an important role in the overall well being of the organization by making the new hire productive quickly. There are lots of jobs in Myanmar in various organizations but to fill those job vacancies in Myanmar, the organizations should start the effective orientation process. The main importance of introducing orientation process is described here.


It increases the comfort level of new hires with creating a first impression

Orientation process creates a positive impression about the organization. It clearly says that how important they are for the organization which increases the comfort level in the new hires and they become more productive quickly by fitting them well in the organization. This is a process that also reflects the professionalism of the company and this is the point most of the good talents keep on looking for in the companies. If the companies in Myanmar can follow this process, the job vacancies in Myanmar will easily be filled by the good resources. 


It helps new hires to understand about the company expectation

The orientation process explains about the company rules, regulation, policies, dress code, attendance conduct and culture of the organization so that the new hires can have a better idea of what is expected from them. And it helps the new employees to fit in the company effectively.


It increases the employee’s engagement

If the new hires can be made feel that they are really important and productive part of the company through the successful orientation process, it automatically improves the employee engagement which in turns again makes them more productive. This is the secret how most of the Myanmar jobs are getting filled easily. 


Orientation process says about the company benefit

The new hires gain a detail understanding about the benefits program offered by the organization through orientation process. Though this point is being described in the interview but not in details and this in-depth knowledge about the company benefit programs helps the new hires to make a proper decision while it also improves the employee retention. 



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Employee Termination - How To Deal With Critical Moments Graciously

Firing or terminating employees is perhaps the most difficult job for most of the managers; however there are times when they have no option but to do the jobs. This termination can be humiliating for the employee who is being fired while it raises questions in other team member’s mind about the judgement of the managers. So, this employee terminating process is to be handled very carefully. There are many jobs in Yangon and many are getting selected everyday but when it comes to terminating, you have to handle the job gracefully as a manager.

Here are some guidelines to conduct the whole termination process gracefully:

• The first important point is to make sure that this termination should not be a surprise to the employee. For example, if the reason of termination is poor performance, then you make a performance discussion, plan and give time to the employee before taking this extreme step. Similarly if the reason is job elimination or reorganization of the company, there should be proper announcement or proper warning. Just make sure that it does not happen all of a sudden.

• Second, attend the terminating meeting well prepared. The person who will be terminating will naturally have lots of questions regarding the severance arrangements, the official end date, etc., also he might be interested to know that if there is any other opportunities available in the company or if career counselling available etc. Ensure that you can answer everything in a polite way.

Myanmar jobs or jobs in Yangon are huge and the terminated employees will easily find one. But still the situation is really pathetic when they go through such a difficult process. So they will naturally display emotions, anger and it might also be directed towards you. But the best way to handle the situation is to listen to that person with respect and not to respond. Also suggest him or her to move on in life.

• Finally, offer as much as help is possible to the terminated employees. For example, provide recommendations or let him know about the job vacancies in Myanmar. that you are well aware of. By doing so, you can bring a big difference in the feelings of the terminated employees at the end of the meeting. 

So, try to maintain these above tips and you will find it much easier to handle the whole termination process. 


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Your Ultimate Guide to a Job Interview

Your Ultimate Guide to a Job Interview

You have taken hours to create the perfect resume and spent even more as you go through different job vacancies in Myanmar that suit your profile. All of this hard work pays off when you finally have a job interview with a company you have been looking forward to work with. This may be your first interview ever or you may have gone through interviews before, your chance of getting the job increases if you prepare well. The interview can happen over a video call or in person. These are some things that you must keep in mind which will help you make a better impression on your interviewer.

Dress to Impress

This may seem quite obvious, but that does not mean that you may not give it enough importance. Dress well for your online video interview or a face-to-face interview. Choose the right colors for your outfit. Flamboyance may take the focus away from you so stick to colors that are neutral and are conservative. You should look professional. This is your first impression and you do not want to mess it up because this may be your only chance to it as well.You may boast of a wardrobe that has the most fashionable attires, but you may want to save them for the time when you have been hired. 

The Legwork

Take the time to go through the details of the company. Understand their values and vision. An insight into these will give you a better idea about what the company may want from you. It will also help you tailor your answers so that they reflect the company’s vision in them. You may want to check online about what the company’s employees think about the organization. While you may find many jobs in Myanmar, getting your dream job depends on your groundwork about the company and its employees. Websites like Glassdoor and LinkedIn can be helpful for gathering information about the company. All of this research will also help you ask questions to your interviewer when they give you the chance to ask about the company.

Thinking Out of the Box

Organizations are focusing on hiring innovative brains rather than someone who can simply do their job without going the extra mile. When you are looking for a job in Myanmar, you must remember that some interviewers may try to throw you off the track by asking you a question that may seem odd. Prepare yourself for this and rack your brains for the best answer without losing your calm.

This is generally done to check how you may act under pressure. Your reaction will help them analyse your behaviour and you may get the job or lose it based on your answers. So if they ask you what animal you would like to be, your answer should be able to connect with your personality and the job profile that you are being interviewed for.


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