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Your break between jobs is a great time to organize yourself for your new job. At the same time you will be able to make the most of this time by giving yourself and your family time. Sometimes jobs in Myanmar become so taxing that you do not get the opportunity to enjoy your personal life. While work is important for you to sustain, the time you give to yourself and your family is also very rewarding. Here are a few things that you can do when you move from one company to another and you get a break before you start with your new job in Myanmar:

·       Use this time to organize yourself. This is the best time to complete any pending work. It will help you focus on your new job.

·       Use your break to connect with your friends and family. You may get immersed in the responsibilities of your new job and there is a possibility that you may not be able to give enough time to your friends and family. So make the most of this break and spend time with your loved ones.

·       Use this break to understand your job responsibilities in the new organization. If you went as a well-informed employee your company will recognize your efforts. No matter where you work, employers will always appreciate the groundwork you do before joining the company. It also shows your interest in the job that you have joined.

·       Most of the jobs in Yangon offer a work-life balance which makes it easy for the employees. While this is helpful for the employees, you can make your break successful by energizing your mental and spiritual body.

·       Go on a vacation. This is your treat for successfully completing your job responsibilities in your last company and embarking on the journey of a new job. As your career graph goes up, your responsibilities will also increase. It is good to be rejuvenated before you start your new job.

·       Focus on your career goals and take the time to set your new goals with respect to your company. Create step goals that you can achieve one at a time. This will help you be more focused when you join your new company.


There are many job vacancies in Myanmar and if you are lucky to have job that suits your profile then you must ensure that you focus on it and use your break before you join your new company to revitalize yourself and start afresh.

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