Employee Engagement - Are You Doing It Right?

Employee Engagement - Are You Doing It Right?

Engaged employees are the best resources of a company as an engaged employee remain fully involved in their job along with showing the dedication towards the job. They try to give their 100% to bring success in the job which in turn helps the business organization to move forward. The engaged employees are really concerned about the company’s well being and they are always ready to devote the discretionary efforts to see the company’s success. While the disengaged employees are not really loyal towards the company the engaged employees feel a profound connection with the organization. So, as a manager or as a CEO of a company, the main job is to ensure that you are following the correct ways to establish a good employee engagement in your organization. Some of the important ways of employee engagement is explained here.

Communicate the clear vision 

All the employees should have a clear understanding of what is the actual vision and goal of the organization. If the organization goal is not clear to them, they will not be directed in the right path. So, ensure that organization’s objectives and way to achieve the goal is clearly communicated to them to make them more engaged.

Build good connection with the employees

No doubt employees are the most important asset of the organizations. But when this feeling is conveyed to the employees they feel much more valuable and try to give their 100% to see the success of organization. So, as a manger or boss of the company, your duty is to develop a good relation with each individual and make them feel more special.

Provide career advancement opportunity

The employees should be provided with challenging jobs which is also helpful in career advancement. Although there are a lot of job vacancies in Myanmar, most of the employees show interest in doing something new, so do planning for the job rotation process and engage the employees even more. 


Providing the employees with regular feedback along with congratulating for their great performance is another useful way of employee engagement. When the employees are appreciated and congratulated for their job, it naturally increases their satisfaction level and makes them more connected with the company.

Encourage them to share their views

The employees should be encouraged to share their views about how a job can be accomplished in more effective ways. If they are given chance to take part in the decision making process, it naturally engage them more with their job and the organization. 

So, try to follow the above ways for employee engagement and it will lead to huge success of your organization soon. 


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