Reasons Why Your Appearance Matters In An Interview

Reasons Why Your Appearance Matters In An Interview Aung Kyaw Oo

Reasons Why Your Appearance Matters In An Interview

The appearance plays a critical role in job hunting and this is very true irrespective of any job field. So whether you are searching a job in the IT industry or marketing field or media or mass communication, the physical appearance of the candidates has to do a lot with the selection process. Interview is all about marketing yourself to the potential employers and clothing is the first thing that every hiring manager sees while you enter at the interview room. So, this is important to ensure that the dressing is able to create a good impression of yours. But this does not mean that just dressing is everything to get hired in a well reputed company but it really matters a lot to create the first positive impression to the employers. 

Appearance creates the overall impression  

The hiring manager will hardly have any idea about your talent when you first enter the interview room. But he forms the first impression by seeing the way you enter the room, the way you dress, your facial expression, hair style and way of talking. If all these factors are able to create a positive impression of yours, he will have positive attitude towards you which will also have impact in the evaluation process. Also the hiring manager will listen to you very carefully and it then becomes much easier to crack the interview. But if your appearance is not really able to impress the hiring manager, it becomes tough to overcome this situation in the interview. 

Appearance shows the professionalism

Professionalism is another thing that all the employers try looking out in their employees. And the appearance has lot to do with this professionalism. The attire indicates a sense of professionalism of the candidates. If you are overdressed or underdressed in an interview, it creates an image like you are not really serious about the job. Many times it has been seen that a candidate who is technically very sound could not bag the job only because of his unprofessional image.  

So, the appearance is really important when it comes to attending any interview. In case you are desperately looking for a job, try avoiding all those features that might have a negative impact. For example, visible tattoos, piercing in different parts of the body, funky hair, extra jewelry, etc. can reduce the chance of getting selected in a company. So, try to maintain the appearance as professional as possible while attending interviews if the aim is to crack the interviews successfully. 

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