Why Is The Orientation Process So Important ?

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Why Is The Orientation Process So Important ?

Every company spends huge time and money to hire the right resources for the right job. But just hiring is not enough but in order to make that hiring process successful, the companies need to ensure that the new hired resources get a positive start. And this is where the importance of orientation process is felt.  Orientation process is all about introducing the new hire with the organization and providing them a detail overview of the organization’s working process. Orientation process plays an important role in the overall well being of the organization by making the new hire productive quickly. There are lots of jobs in Myanmar in various organizations but to fill those job vacancies in Myanmar, the organizations should start the effective orientation process. The main importance of introducing orientation process is described here.


It increases the comfort level of new hires with creating a first impression

Orientation process creates a positive impression about the organization. It clearly says that how important they are for the organization which increases the comfort level in the new hires and they become more productive quickly by fitting them well in the organization. This is a process that also reflects the professionalism of the company and this is the point most of the good talents keep on looking for in the companies. If the companies in Myanmar can follow this process, the job vacancies in Myanmar will easily be filled by the good resources. 


It helps new hires to understand about the company expectation

The orientation process explains about the company rules, regulation, policies, dress code, attendance conduct and culture of the organization so that the new hires can have a better idea of what is expected from them. And it helps the new employees to fit in the company effectively.


It increases the employee’s engagement

If the new hires can be made feel that they are really important and productive part of the company through the successful orientation process, it automatically improves the employee engagement which in turns again makes them more productive. This is the secret how most of the Myanmar jobs are getting filled easily. 


Orientation process says about the company benefit

The new hires gain a detail understanding about the benefits program offered by the organization through orientation process. Though this point is being described in the interview but not in details and this in-depth knowledge about the company benefit programs helps the new hires to make a proper decision while it also improves the employee retention. 



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