Employee Termination - How To Deal With Critical Moments Graciously

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Employee Termination - How To Deal With Critical Moments Graciously

Firing or terminating employees is perhaps the most difficult job for most of the managers; however there are times when they have no option but to do the jobs. This termination can be humiliating for the employee who is being fired while it raises questions in other team member’s mind about the judgement of the managers. So, this employee terminating process is to be handled very carefully. There are many jobs in Yangon and many are getting selected everyday but when it comes to terminating, you have to handle the job gracefully as a manager.

Here are some guidelines to conduct the whole termination process gracefully:

• The first important point is to make sure that this termination should not be a surprise to the employee. For example, if the reason of termination is poor performance, then you make a performance discussion, plan and give time to the employee before taking this extreme step. Similarly if the reason is job elimination or reorganization of the company, there should be proper announcement or proper warning. Just make sure that it does not happen all of a sudden.

• Second, attend the terminating meeting well prepared. The person who will be terminating will naturally have lots of questions regarding the severance arrangements, the official end date, etc., also he might be interested to know that if there is any other opportunities available in the company or if career counselling available etc. Ensure that you can answer everything in a polite way.

Myanmar jobs or jobs in Yangon are huge and the terminated employees will easily find one. But still the situation is really pathetic when they go through such a difficult process. So they will naturally display emotions, anger and it might also be directed towards you. But the best way to handle the situation is to listen to that person with respect and not to respond. Also suggest him or her to move on in life.

• Finally, offer as much as help is possible to the terminated employees. For example, provide recommendations or let him know about the job vacancies in Myanmar. that you are well aware of. By doing so, you can bring a big difference in the feelings of the terminated employees at the end of the meeting. 

So, try to maintain these above tips and you will find it much easier to handle the whole termination process. 


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