What Are The Best Fonts To Use In A Resume?

The choice of fonts in the resume differs with individuals but according to experts, this is a very important thing to consider that has a lot to do with the selection process in interview. Resume is the first thing that explains about your skills, knowledge and expertise. So, ensure that the resume is able to attract the hiring manager’s attention in just a quick glance. There are lots of jobs in Myanmar, but in order to bag an attractive offer the first requirement is to prepare a resume that is pleasant, readable and clean in design.

Mainly two font typefaces are used in the resume, Serif and San serif. While Serif is more stylized, traditional and impressive the later one is clean, stable, objective and universal. San Serif such as Arial, Verdana is always best to use in the job application. Times New Roman and Book old style fall in the Serif category.

The best fonts to use in the resume are listed here.


This is the best font to use in the resume if you want to get a good job in Myanmar. According to experts, Arial is the safe choice to use in the resume because of its clean design and excellent readability. Also this font does not cause any strain on the eye. Overall, this font is standard and very classic.


This is second most useful font to use in the resume. There are lots of jobs in Yangon, but if you are really desperate to crack the interview successfully, the most vital point to consider is the resume. The resume should be attractive enough to get shortlisted in the first round. Use Calibri as the font in your resume as this is perfectly professional, impressive, interesting and modern. This is another very safe option which is universally readable for the clean design.


Garamond is another best font to use in the resume. This font is also readable while it delivers the sense of great delicacy and fluidity. This font looks very clean in the softcopy and hardcopy both.


This is the modern alternative of Garamond that is bit less curvy than the previous one. But this font looks better in the web. So, it is best to consider this font for uploading the resume in different job portal.


Helvetica is very popular in the corporate world. This font is very modern and provides clean readability.


So, the 5 best fonts are listed here that you can use in the resume to bag a good Myanmar Job.

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